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Zipp 101 XPLR Rear Rim

Zipp 101 XPLR Rear Rim
Color: Black/Standard Graphic
Size: 700c
Hole Count: 28
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Zipp's 101 XPLR is our first purpose-built rim for gravel. Thanks to MOTO Technology, this wheelset arms gravel cyclists with more control and durability over harsh terrain, providing a smooth ride quality that helps reduce fatigue. That means a more comfortable ride. The 101 XPLR -short for explore-is purpose-built for riders searching for adventure beyond the norm. Think of it as a magic carpet ride over primitive roads, especially with large tubeless tires at lower tire pressures. This rim is ideal for gravel racing, adventure, or any long day in the saddle. Based on Zipp's MOTO Technology, the 101 XPRL's single-wall rim construction provides excellent compliance and vibration damping. Less fatigue, allows you to ride longer and faster. Quarq's TireWiz is an add-on option for 101 XPRL to dial in your pressure for an even more compliant ride.

- All day comfort and compliant ride
- Available in 700c or 650b
- 27mm wide internal profile
- Reduced chance of pinch flatting
- More traction in rough corners
- Smoother ride in rocky terrain
- Ability to run lower tire pressure
- Less fatigue, which allows you to ride longer and faster
- Frustration-free tire installation
- Lifetime Warranty


Rim Material Carbon – Hookless
Inner Rim Width 27mm
Outer Rim Width 36mm
Hole Count 28
Weight 460g

* Subject to change without notice.