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Jeff M

Jeff riding

-Jeff has been a loyal Holmes customer for decades-

1) What kind of riding do you do or enjoy most? 

Road riding on hot days…Texas and Arizona was nice; but I also like mountain biking in cold (frozen) weather; but this seems to change with time/age.

2) What was your first bike?

Of course I had some ‘beater’ bikes when I was a little kid….hand me downs; I can’t remember the type…I do remember getting a 5 speed “cottonpicker” white Schwinn with fat rear tire, drum brake on front, coil spring shock, piston shock under the seat and a big ass gear shift on the top tube…it was a lead sled but I sure did think it was cool. My first ‘real’ bike was bought at Holmes in 1982; I remember Allen Holmes and his dad working the shop by the high school…I ended up getting a Bianchi. I rode that bike hard for 8 years or so.

3) How many bikes do you own now? 

One road, one cross, one single speed MTB, one hardtail MTB, one full suspension MTB, and one electric assist gravel bike. So, six at the moment.

4) What is your favorite bike… why?

Hard to pick one…Cervelo R5 and Santa Cruz MTB are currently in the lead.

5) Where is your favorite place to ride?

Generally…I like the western states; so many memorable rides; Mount Rainier (WA) was awesome and Mount Lemmon (AZ) and Beartooth Pass (MT/WY) were pretty tough but amazing…locally there are so many options to ride…I like the northern York County a lot, mountain biking in Michaux is really nice…

6) Who taught you how to ride a bike?

My dad did that!

7) What was your most difficult day on the bike?

I don’t really ever cramp, except for one ride …and it was pretty damn painful…I think it was the State Police Century in Hershey and I rode for 20 miles with total leg lock…not sure what happened that day. The 63 mile Iron Cross on my single speed on a flat rear tire for 10 miles was pretty hard…but even harder and more difficult than that was a night ride on Stony Creek in semi-frozen mush for 40 miles on the single speed. I don’t think I ever worked so consistently hard for that long to go that slow.

8) What was your best day on a bike – or best memory on a bike?

Probably the ride from West Glacier MT to the top of Logan Pass by way of St. Mary’s…the long way around, since the west approach to Logan Pass was closed. It ended up being 116 miles and 8800 feet of climbing and the computer said 9038 calories! I still got it done at 16 mph, and I felt pretty good at the end. The ride to the top of the Beartooth Pass to almost 11,000 feet was memorable…very high, barren, beautiful, no trees and a lot of wind.

9) How has cycling added to your quality of life?

Cycling is a great tool for keeping the body in shape and giving the mind a time to rest. In fact, I found out by trial and error, that any involvement of the mind (rational thinking) on a mountain bike results in broken bike parts and bruising.

10) What category of cycling, that you have not previously been involved in, are you most interested in trying? Mountain, gravel, touring, road, racing, cross, etc…

I watch Red Bull Rampage!! Is that a category?  I’ll try it in my dreams!

11) Where would you dream cycling vacation be?

So many places to pick from…maybe six months in a van driving around the west stopping at various locations to ride with no particular place to go! I kind of got a taste of that last year with a one-month trip…but no mountain biking on that one.

12) Do you ride year round – how do you manage in the winter if yes?

Yes, winter is great. You need lights and the right clothes.  It takes a bit of mind control to begin some rides on a cold, damp, windy day.

13) How frequently do you ride?

Typically, 3-4 times a week in the winter and 4-5 times a week in summer.

14) How has Holmes helped you throughout your cycling adventures? 

Well it has been decades now since I bought the Bianchi back in 1982 and I have been riding a Holmes bike ever since - lot of miles and a lot of adventures. I have grown to trust their advice on bikes and riding.

The shop really takes care of me, as I am no bike mechanic and I break a lot of stuff. The repairs are always done right, so I have nearly no down time. Many times, simple repairs are done on the spot, which for me is of great value.