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Scott riding

-Scott is a local who puts in big miles and enjoys the latest cycling technology-

1) What kind of riding do you enjoy most?
I enjoy any ride I am fortunate enough to go on. Most of my riding is solo around the area but I do really enjoy large group rides. I think meeting new people and riding with them is the best part of cycling for me.

2) What was your first bike?
My first real bike was somewhere around 1982. It was a Huffy dirt bike! Black with yellow pads and yellow steel mags! It was so cool.

3) How many bikes do you own now?
I currently own 9 bikes.

4) What is your favorite bike and why?
My favorite bike is my Kona Roadhouse. I love it because it always feels good to be on that bike and the performance is just awesome.

5) Where is your favorite place to ride?
My favorite place to ride is the Harrisburg Greenbelt.

6) Who taught you how to ride a bike?
My Dad taught me to ride. He used to go on rides when I was little and I would sit in a baby seat behind him. Once I was big enough to get on a bike the rest just happened.

7) What was your most difficult day on the bike?
My most difficult day was last year at the Harrisburg Gran Fondo. I just didn't have much energy and the last 10 miles was tough. I learned an important lesson about nutrition and hydration that day.

8) What was your best day or best memory on a bike?
My best memory on a bike was a Roubaix style ride in Hunterdon County NJ (Ride Strong Roubaix) last year. We started with just three others and myself in mid 40 degrees and raining. When we lined up I was pretty intimidated as the other riders looked like they knew what they were doing. Initially we thought we were going to do a 62 mile ride on the road with a little gravel thrown in. We learned a few miles in there was a lot of gravel..and a lot of hills! One of the other riders blew a spoke off his wheel and then I punctured 2 tires in less than a mile. I was fortunate enough to ride with some great guys that offered me a tube and waited while I fixed my flats. When we finished we were all spent and hunched over our handlebars to catch our breath. It was an awesome sense of accomplishment for me being that I had only been riding seriously for about a year prior. I can't wait to go back again next year and I will pack plenty of extra tubes or maybe run my tubeless set up Holmes put together for me.

9) How has cycling added to your quality of life?
Cycling has added a lot to my life. I initially got into cycling not too long ago because my feet just cant take running anymore and I truly needed something to help keep me in shape. Since I started cycling, getting better and even a little competitive has been a real pleasure for me.

10) What category of cycling, that you have not previously been involved in, are you most interested in trying? Mountain, gravel, touring, road, racing, cross, etc…
I mainly do road riding and gravel riding now. I plan to do some touring soon possibly on the trail from Pittsburgh to DC.

11) Where would you dream cycling vacation be?
My dream cycling vacation would be to Switzerland. There is just something about those mountains and if I ever did go there and was strong enough to make it up one of the mountains it would be a lasting memory.

12) Do you ride year round – how do you manage in the winter if yes?
I do ride outside year round. I got a lot of good advice and gear from Holmes to help me stay warm out there. Definitely good winter gear is a must for making winter riding enjoyable.

13) How frequently do you ride?
I ride at least three times a week and try to get in a minimum of 60-70 miles per week.

14) How has Holmes helped you throughout your cycling adventures?
I can't say enough good things about the Holmes staff in regards to helping me along the way. Whether my questions are about clothing, bikes or parts, someone at Holmes has been able to help and more importantly take the time to explain a lot of nuances  about cycling. I probably would not enjoy cycling as much as I do without the guidance of the Holmes staff and of course the custom spec bike(s) JC put together for me. I have dealt with everyone at Holmes and they all are extremely helpful. Great people! Great staff!