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Tyler riding

Tyler riding

Tyler riding

-A burgeoning young road rider and racer, Tyler has been a long time customer and friend of the shop.-

1) What kind of riding do you enjoy most?
Racing and long days in Perry County and Millersburg with as much climbing as possible.

2) What was your first bike?
Giant TCR SLR 2

3) How many bikes do you own now?

4) What is your favorite bike and why?
My Trek Madone or my Trek Emonda. The Madone is one bad mother and I really love the disc brakes, but the Emonda is my first true love.

5) Where is your favorite place to ride?
Rolling roads in the woods.

6) Who taught you how to ride a bike?
My dad and grandfather.

7) What was your most difficult day on the bike?
Pulling over to vomit during Tour de Millersburg 30 minutes after I had been dropped like a bad habit.

8) What was your best day or best memory on a bike?
Too many good days and memories, they don't outweigh each other

9) How has cycling added to your quality of life?
I no longer take for granted the area I live in.

10) What category of cycling, that you have not previously been involved in, are you most interested in trying? Mountain, gravel, touring, road, racing, cross, etc…
Enduro mountain biking

11) Where would you dream cycling vacation be?
Majorca Spain in the winter

12) Do you ride year round – how do you manage in the winter if yes?
Yes - Trainer when it's dark or icy. Bundled up with Bob Latsha otherwise.

13) How frequently do you ride?
5-7 days a week

14) How has Holmes helped you throughout your cycling adventures?
In every way from limiter screws to fitting me for my next race bike. I'll never be pro, but I sure do feel like it every time I walk in.