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Jeff B

Jeff riding

-Jeff is a long time Holmes customer and accomplished cyclist-

What kind of riding do you do or enjoy most?
I'm a roadie, there's no feeling like flying down a mountain at 30 MPH on a beautiful spring day in the midst of a 50 mile ride.
What was your first bike?
A Huffy from K-Mart - I rode that thing everywhere & cried when my parents got rid of it.  First real adult bike? Lexa SL from Holmes - I still have it, my 17 year old daughter rides it.
How many bikes do you own now?

What is your favorite bike… why?  
My 1976 Fuji Sports 10. It was my mom's bike from new and I converted it to a fixie!
Where is your favorite place to ride?
Lancaster County is beautiful - and by beautiful I do not necessarily mean the scenery (although it is). I mean the pavement, and the rolling hills.  There are so many meandering back roads you could ride for hours and see minimal traffic.
Who taught you how to ride a bike?
My father - he was the best dad & taught me and shared his love of being on a bike.
What was your most difficult day on the bike?  
A few years ago, I crashed going over some railroad tracks just a few miles into a November ride with my friends.  We continued to ride the rest of the 40 mile ride, I had blood caked down my entire leg from the road rash.  Along the way several people pointed out there was blood on my leg..........
What was your best day on a bike – or best memory on a bike?  
Riding 75 miles at the Jersey shore while stopping at 6 different local breweries.
How has cycling added to your quality of life?
Cycling helps you realize just how amazing your body and mind are. Whether it is pushing to crest the top of a mountain, or if it is flying as fast as you can on a flat TT course, cycling makes you strive to push yourself.
What category of cycling, that you have not previously been involved in, are you most interested in trying?

My employer is based in Kansas City and Gravel Riding is HUGE out there.  I would love to tackle those trails.
Where would you dream cycling vacation be?
Cycling the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky.

Do you ride year round – how do you manage in the winter if yes?

Aside from a trainer (& Rouvy/Zwift is fun - but you can only stare at a TV screen for so long!), bundle up - only the first few minutes are really *that* cold. And be bright - wear bright colors and make sure you have lights all the way around.
How frequently do you ride?
Several times a week - every cyclist wishes they could ride more.
How has Holmes helped you throughout your cycling adventures?
From day one the staff at Holmes has been there before, during & after the sale. It's there commitment to quality repairs and unparalleled customer service which has me driving "all the way across the river" (chuckle) to my preferred LBS.