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-Ali has been a great customer of ours who is amazingly always happy!-

What kind of riding do you do or enjoy most?
Mountain & Hilly Road Cycling
What was your first bike?
Other than childhood, an old school Trek MTB. I used it for my first sprint distance triathlon.
How many bikes do you own now? 3
What is your favorite bike… why?  
Cannondale Evo  
She is my only bike that I have ever named, Soulshine. It was my first real bike purchase and helped me take my riding to the next level.
Where is your favorite place to ride?
MTB – Michaux
Road – Craig’s 5 Mountain Ride
Who taught you how to ride a bike?
My dad
What was your most difficult day on the bike?  
Road cycling in the middle of nowhere Texas into a headwind of about 30 MPH. I seriously considered riding myself into a ditch!
What was your best day on a bike – or best memory on a bike?  
The day I got my top speed, 54 MPH, going down the backside of Goldmine.
The day I road Michaux with JC and managed some great technical downhill (at least for me).
How has cycling added to your quality of life?
It helps keep me in shape, year-round. It allows me to meet new people. Most of my closest friends are cyclists. Cycling allows me to experience new places, locally and throughout the US. It’s fun, it makes me smile and can truly be an adventure.
What category of cycling, that you have not previously been involved in, are you most interested in trying? Mountain, gravel, touring, road, racing, cross, etc…
Downhill MTB
Road Touring
Where would you dream cycling vacation be?
MTB – somewhere out West; Colorado, Utah, Oregon…
Road - Alps

Do you ride year round – how do you manage in the winter if yes?

Yes! I have a bunch of crazy friends that ride with me. Proper clothing. The MAIN items are winter riding boots and I now wear my gators on a regular basis.
How frequently do you ride?
Winter – 2 days/week
Spring, Summer, Fall – 4 days/week
How has Holmes helped you throughout your cycling adventures?
JC was instrumental in my MTB purchase… doing research and using his knowledge to help figure out what would be the best bike for me.  He has also shown me new trails to ride.  
JC and the other employees are always available to answer questions and fix my bike problems.
Holmes supports SAMBA and our efforts to raise funds to continue building new trails.