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Steve is the shop manager, but his wealth of knowledge lies in the details.  When you’re interested in the exact weight (or weight limit) of a pair of high-end Speedplay pedals or Bontrager carbon wheels, Steve’s your man.  Having lost count of how many super-light, super-bling bikes he’s owned, he’s a great resource when it comes to the finest frames and parts. Having bicycle industry experience 1990 to present, Steve is a Serotta certified bike fitting specialist.


The shop service manager, Don’s repairs and assemblies are consistently top-notch. His knowledge of bike and fitness parts and service are unparalleled, but he’s also well-liked by co-workers and customers. In his free time Don enjoys running, hanging out with his kids, and of course, cycling. Bicycle industry experience 1991 to present; Serotta certified bike fitting specialist.


Ray’s done a little of everything and has a similar repertoire at Holmes.  Having raced road, mountain, and cyclocross, toured internationally, and promoted events, Ray has been around the industry block.  Having a broad base of knowledge in fitness equipment, cycling products, and repair experience, Ray is a one-stop shop for advice and service at Holmes.  Ray has bicycle industry experience 1996 to present and is a Serotta certified bike fitting specialist.


By far the most polite and well-mannered employee at Holmes, JC earns the trust and respect of almost everyone he deals with on the sales floor. JC is also a solid mechanic and an experienced cyclist, having dabbled in BMX, road riding, and commuting. He also enjoys picking things up and putting them down. Bicycle industry experience 2005 to present, JC is a Trek certified bike fitting specialist.


After wrenching in a couple of shops in Northern Illinois for the past 20+ years, Brandon is proud to call Holmes home. Whether he’s riding at Swatara State Park or riding the local skatepark, he’s been keeping the rubber side down since he was 13.



Affectionately known as 'Time Trial Bob', and the orchestrator behind the Millersburg Cycling Club, Bob has been and continues to be a pillar in the local road cycling community. Bob's wisdom comes from years of experience in the saddle and from the thousands of miles he racks up every year.


Having worked in tandem with his father George Holmes to get the business up and running in 1974, Allen is responsible for molding Holmes Cycling and Fitness into the business it is today.  Great customer service was the hallmark of George Holmes and Allen still adheres to that philosophy today.  Bicycle industry experience 1974 to present, Allen is a Serotta certified bike fitting specialist.


Holmes Cycling and Fitness

2139 Market St, Camp Hill, PA 17011 Directions

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