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Our Staff

Meet Our Team

When you visit Holmes Cycling & Fitness, you can expect exceptional service thanks to our experienced, friendly team. Whether you're looking for a new bike, you're in need of a repair, or you just want to chat about the latest gear, we're here for you.

Allen - Owner

Having worked in tandem with his father George Holmes to get the business up and running in 1974, Allen is responsible for molding Holmes Cycling and Fitness into the business it is today. Allen likes mountain biking on fast and flowing trails, exploring new places, and chewing the fat with old friends.

Best part about working at Holmes: Being in an industry that promotes passion, fun and camaraderie.

If you were a pasta shape: Linguini (because I like to say the word linguini with an Italian accent)

Favorite holiday: July 4th

JC - Shop Manager/Owner

JC is an experienced cyclist and mechanic. He's been with Holmes for over 15 years, and is a Trek certified bike fitting specialist. He's a native to the Carlisle community, he's often seen commuting on local back roads. JC loves mountain biking in Michaux State Forest, Happy Hour being his favorite trail. If JC is not on the trails or at work you can find him at the gym, meticulously analyzing blades of grass in his yard, or grilling the fattest burger. 

Why did you start working at Holmes: To continue the passion I had for cycling and to help the next generation of riders.

What do you enjoy most about helping customers find the right bike or gear to fit their needs: In the process of helping them find the right bikes and gear, I learn about their goals and wants of being on the next great outdoor adventure. 

Go to Mexican Friday lunch order: Fried fish tacos, shrimp guacamole, and a skinny margarita (just kidding)

Rachael - Back of House Manager/Owner

Focused on the more mundane aspects of the biking industry, Rachael spends her time administering, marketing, human resourcing and community out-reaching to make sure Holmes continues serving the Central PA area as best as possible. Rachael likes fall weather, keeping pace with JC in drinking competitions, and in-depth discussions about breakfast pastries.

Favorite conspiracy theory: I really enjoy the "birds aren't real, they're government drones used to track Americans' activity"...I'm not saying I agree with it, but I'm too amused by it to discredit it entirely. 

Go to Mexican Friday lunch order: Fried fish tacos and/or chips and guac

Favorite holiday: National Ice Cream Day


When it comes to community involvement and advocacy, few are more involved than Eric.  His love for cycling combined with his insider knowledge of Harrisburg makes him a wealth of knowledge on local riding, racing, and the cycling impact on the local area. As a Shimano and Sram certified technician, he is your go-to guy for repair check-ins.

Go-to Mexican Friday lunch order: Quesatacos with shredded beef

Best part about working at Holmes: Helping people get out, ride, and hit their goals.

Longest ride: 202 miles in 11.5 hours. I've also run 50 miles in 9 hours. 


Not only does Don complete assemblies and repairs which are consistently top-notch, his knowledge of bike and fitness parts and service is unparalleled. He makes up 33% of the Holmes population to have completed a marathon and 100% of the Holmes population to have biked to work every day despite a hip fracture. Don enjoys taking pics of cool skies and stone-arch bridges, a cheap beer with dinner, and visiting San Diego County as much as possible.

Favorite holiday: Crimson Tide National Championships

If you were a pasta shape: Rotini, for sure

Longest ride: 113 miles, 11,500ft


Clay lives on a bike. He commutes to work by bicycle just about every day, rides for fun when he has time, and is an awesome mechanic and sales consultant here at Holmes. When he's not doing a post-ride cleanup of himself by the shop dumpsters, you might find him sipping coffee at the local cafe.



Having raced road, mountain, and cyclocross, toured internationally, and promoted events, Ray is a one-stop shop for advice and service at Holmes. He has bicycle industry experience 1996 to present but more impressively he is undefeated by current staff in the Holmes Challenge. Ray likes high performance mini vans, trail running (but only in nice weather: temp 68-72 deg F, light breeze, sunny but not shining directly in eyes), and driving around Camp Hill harassing cyclists. 

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving, preferably celebrated multiple times over the course of the day.

Best part about working at Holmes: Heartfelt discussion of life's roses and thorns with Steve.

Longest ride: The Breck 100 trail race. It was the first time I'd attempted to race at altitude and was crippled by its effects. The goal was to complete the course in 9 hours or less. However, it took me over 12 hours to finish. Ouchie. 


Steve's wealth of knowledge lies in the details. When you’re interested in the exact weight (or weight limit) of a pair of high-end Speedplay pedals or Bontrager carbon wheels, Steve’s your man. Having lost count of how many super-light, super-bling bikes he’s owned, he’s a great resource when it comes to the finest frames and parts. Having bicycle industry experience 1990 to present, Steve is a Serotta certified bike fitting specialist. Steve likes a good float in the lake, long rides followed by ice cold beers, and a brunch spot with great cocktails. 

Go-to Mexican Friday lunch order: Grilled fish tacos from Taco Amigos

World's most pointless invention: Corn on the cob holders

Best part about working at Holmes: All the great people I've met working here - #1 on the list: my wife


Trevor has a vast amount of mechanical experience working on bikes, cars, toilets, tractors, and mousetraps. As our full time mechanic, he does an awesome job of cranking out top quality repair work and telling stories at the shop.


Kathy's skills don't end with bookkeeping - arguably, they don't even start with bookkeeping unless you're listing them alphabetically. You may catch her mixing the perfect cocktail for a shop gathering or brainstorming the next best marketing strategy. She is also by far the most competent female mountain biker who works at Holmes. Kathy likes artisanal salts, color coding her run and bike workouts, and overly complicated board games.

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving or July 4th… possibly St Patrick’s Day, sometimes Christmas or my birthday 

If you were a pasta shape: Spaghetti squash noodles

Best part of working at Holmes: Being around so many other people who are also interested in healthy living choices (and the occasional in depth HRV conversation)