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ABUS Shield XPlus 5955 Frame Lock

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CONVENIENT and Easy to Use

The PRO SHIELD XPLUS 5955 frame lock offers every convenience possible in a frame lock.

With the frame lock, in addition to the keyed alike function of our XPlus key system, you also benefit from other advantages for protecting your bike from theft. The 8.5 mm shackle, made from hardened steel, gives a good level of protection against a medium risk of theft. The bike lock also has another locking mechanism. Additional accessories such as our ABUS frame lock chain 6KS/85 or 6KS/100 can easily plug into it. With the code card you have the option of other locks keyed alike to the PRO SHIELD XPLUS™ 5955 frame lock. Then you only need one key for all locks.

Decide for yourself whether you want the lock in the NR or R version. With frame locks that have an R in the product name, the key cannot be removed when the lock is open. It stays put and you don't have to stow it away when you ride your bike. Those who prefer to remove the key can choose the NR version.

- 8.5 mm shackle
- The shackle, the housing and the locking mechanism’s load-bearing parts are manufactured from specially hardened steel
- Accessories can easily be fitted to the locking mechanism on the lock housing
- ABUS XPlus cylinder for the greatest protection against manipulation, e.g. picking
- In the R version, the key remains in the cylinder when the lock is opened; in the NR version, it can be pulled out