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Who we are...

Since its creation in 2020, Holmes Factory Racing has provided an environment for competitive cyclists to enjoy time on their bikes while embracing a wide variety of disciplines in the sport.  Our team prides itself on being involved in the local community through rides and races, and we are active well beyond the walls of the shop here at Holmes.  You can most likely catch us riding the local trails; ascending the nearest road climb; or lining up at the next race... but when we're not riding, you can guarantee that we are planning our next event! We look forward to growing and building a culture of enjoyment in the competitive sport that we love! 

Team Riders

Colin McKenna - road / XC / endurance

Vinnie DePalma - road / enduro

Jerod Stoner - road / XC / endurance

JC Wilkinson - endurance / enduro

Ali Noll - road / XC

Tyler Honey - road / XC 

Noah Koppenhaver - road 

Sponsors and Partners

2022 Road Schedule


2022 MTB Schedule


2022 Event Schedule


Reach out!

Interested in joining or sponsoring our team? Want to follow along on our journey? Interested in one of our sweet custom team water bottles? 

Reach out using the information below! 

Instagram: @ HolmesFactoryRacing